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FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2005-09-09
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Dekódovací filtr pro dekompresi videa ve formátu DivX, XviD, MPEG, H263, .

Přehled změn v nové verzi:
- SIMD softlight
- UINT8->uint8_t
- VYUY support in XviD colorspace conversion routines
- better support for 8 bit palettized images input in VFW
- correct MMX SAD
- don't use shuffle instruction in 3dnow! code
- dotproduct.asm
- successfully compiled 64-bit version - untested
- updated libavcodec, x264
- don't always enable YV12 output in VFW mode
- fallback C idct and fdct for DCT filter
- few 64-bit compatibility fixes
- a step closer to x64 build
- don't crash with zero delay in dolby decoder
- few vobsub fixes,
- fixed YUY2 levels crash
- updated libtheora to alpha5
- updated vs 2005 project
- working on avc in mpeg support
- x264 patches from Sharktooth's builds
- 2xSai and hq2x resizers
- Don't try to always get output buffer size for audio samples - use last known value. Should fix compatibility problems with some applications, hopefully won't break other.
- libtheora decoder supports radlight parser
- maybe not very useful and not fully correct but: h.263 and mpeg quantization and dequantization in DCT filter
- aspect ratios in OSD
- display current quantization matrices when available
- use xcm extension for supplied quantization matrices,
- cqm extension support
- updated libavcodec
- updated VS 2005 projects

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FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2005-09-09
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