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FFDShow 20040617
« kdy: Červen 18, 2004, 21:03:53 odpoledne »

Dekódovací filtr pro dekompresi videa ve formátu DivX a XviD.

Přehled změn v nové verzi:
o deblocking strength changing - it's only first attempt to implement this feature inspired by Michael Niedermayer's post to XviD forum and will be enhanced in future
o configuration dialog can be displayed by doubleclicking on tray icon
o a few more hints in configuration pages
o updated libavcodec, fixes some problems with incorrect decoding
o better show motion vectors function - vectors are drawn faster and after image processing
o MS MPEG4 v1 support
o ffdshow accepts RGB24 input
o temporal smoother filter borrowed from VirtualDub: it's rather slow, but it's usable when ffdshow acting as preprocessing filter during compression
o support for xvid.dll for decoding: now ffdshow can be used with libavcodec.dll, xvid.dll or without them just for plain video processing; available libraries are autodetected
o New configuration dialog
o Offset filter
o Usable as postprocessing filter for other decoders
o Changed presets handling

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FFDShow 20040617
« kdy: Červen 18, 2004, 21:03:53 odpoledne »