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FFDShow 20040616 SSE2
« kdy: Červen 18, 2004, 20:41:40 odpoledne »

Dekódovací filtr pro dekompresi videa ve formátu DivX a XviD.

Přehled změn v nové verzi:
- banding and chroma bugfix reported by pmd918 and TheLion
- updated x264, AR cleanup
- option to resize image by multiplier
- allow to specify subtitles speed denominator
- allow to resize video to max 16384x16384 (don't report Windows crashes :) )
- enhanced remote control API:
* message number can be specified
* keyboard messages can be processed (useful for Girder)
* fixed short OSD messages
* keyboard commands for changing subtitles positions and font size
- fixed WinDVD 6 crash
- updated libavcodec: QTRLE support (incomplete)
- better ICM support (copied from XviD)
- disabled ac3 decoding by default (it's broken)
- memory alignment fixes
- fixed crash if X resolution was not a multipler of 16
- SSE2 optimized denoise3d filter (only the "HQ" version)
- new SSE2 optimized FLT_Sharpness_SSE2.dll included with ffdshow (dscaler sharpen)
- fixed memcpy ref. to the faster SSE2 version

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FFDShow 20040616 SSE2
« kdy: Červen 18, 2004, 20:41:40 odpoledne »